Software Engineer

Job Description


Software Engineer 软件工程师 


Product/ Services: Manufacture & installation of industrial machinery and equipment

Working Location: Jalan Sultan Ismail, KL

Working Hours: 9:00AM to 6:00PM

Working Days: Monday to Friday


Job responsibilities: 

▪ Customer functional requirements and usage feedback collection, sorting and reporting.客户功能需求及使用反馈收集,整理与汇报

▪ Compilation of relevant documentation for software planning, function development, testing, training, etc.软件计划、功能开发、测试、培训等相关说明文档编写

▪ Participate in the secondary development of logistics software system functions, Visual Studio development environment, C# language development direction参与物流软件系统功能二次开发,Visual Studio开发环境,C#语言开发方向

▪ Debugging, troubleshooting and resolution of software problems on the customer's site客户现场软件问题调试排查与解决


• Proficiency in using Visual Studio development environment and programming in C# language. 熟练使用Visual Studio开发环境、使用C#语言编程

▪ Have more than 3 years of C# development work experience, computer-related or information management related majors具备3年以上C#开发工作经验,计算机相关或信息管理类的相关专业

▪ Proficiency in using at least one of mainstream databases such as Oracle, SqlServer, Mysql熟练使用Oracle,SqlServer、Mysql等主流数据库

▪ Clear thinking and logic, with bilingual communication and writing skills in Chinese and English思维逻辑清晰,具备中英文双语沟通及书写能力

▪ Have patience, sense of responsibility, proactiveness, and good teamwork spirit; have good communication and learning skills, have a strong sense of responsibility, and be able to withstand a certain amount of pressure.具备耐心、责任感、积极主动,良好的团队合作精神;具有良好的沟通和学习能力,责任心强,能够承受一定的压力

▪ Those with on-site software project implementation experience are preferred, and can adapt to a business trip for a period of time

有现场软件项目实施经验者优先录取, 能适应一段时间出差

• Candidates who are able to communicate and write in English and Mandarin are preferred.

可以使用熟练使用华语或英语交流 & 熟练掌握OFFICE办公软件

Benefits 福利 :  

▪ Salary: RM 5,000.00 to RM 7,000.00

▪ Annual Leave 14 days  

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